Personal Injury

  • Automobile Collision Damages
  • Trucking Collision Damages
  • Motorcycle Collision Damages
  • Slip and Fall cases concerning dangerous conditions negligently caused by others who owe a duty of care to you
  • Wrongful Death

In Personal Injury matters, we will become the point of contact for the opposing/at fault individual and/or the insurance company and adjuster. You will no longer be bothered by them. We will keep you fully informed of any requests for statements, documents, proof of injury, damages, costs, or other demands frequently made by the insurance companies. We work for you. You will know you are in good hands with us, not trusting the insurance adjuster to tell you’re the truth about the value of your case. You will not have to trust the insurance adjuster to do right by you when he has a vested interest in representing his own employer’s interests! You will have a knowledgeable assertive representative in the matter! We will negotiate from a position of understanding the applicable law and will confer with you to advise you regarding settlement. We will file suit in court if that is necessary to protect your legal rights. We will try your case to a jury if need be to present your case to the jury for their deliberation and decision.

Fees for Personal Injury Matters

The initial appointment/consultation is always free. If we need to come to you because of your hospitalization, we can do that. Please call and we will be there to help you begin the process.

You do not have to pay us for our time spent working on your personal injury case. We will be paid from any settlement or trial money award you receive. This is called a contingency fee. In other words, we take your case because we believe that we can win it for you. We will be invested in your case. We do not get paid until you do.

Client Reviews
"During my 27 years of working in law enforcement I worked with a lot attorneys. The most professional, ethical and dependable by far was the Godfrey Law Firm. After working with them now both professionally and in my own private matter, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing a good lawyer." Tony H.
"When I was little, my Granny and Daddy went to Mary Alice for a car wreck. I've always remembered the name "Mary Alice Godfrey" and I do know this is a really good law firm here in the upstate of South Carolina." Tamara L.