Modification Of Prior Court Orders In Family Court

Family Law also includes post-divorce proceedings such as the modification of prior orders concerning alimony, child custody, and child support or child visitation, based upon circumstances that have changed since the last order. Because South Carolina Family Law is complicated, you should establish legal representation early to protect your rights. A temporary hearing (also known as a Pendente Lite Hearing) can be held with just five days’ notice. Prompt representation is therefore critical to effectively representing you at your first court appearance.

Trust between you and your attorney is paramount, particularly in cases where you must share personal information. Though all attorneys are required to safeguard client confidences, you should engage an attorney with whom you feel comfortable sharing highly personal information. You should feel the same confidence and comfort with your attorney's staff.

Trials are not always necessary or desirable. They are often expensive and can generate lasting ill will between parties. For this reason, we encourage clients to remain open to a resolution outside of court, when appropriate. We are also experienced at mediation and settlement. Sometimes, however, one or both parties feel the need for vindication in the courtroom, and in certain cases that is, indeed, warranted. For others, a trial only means more pain and expense. Separation and divorce are seldom pain free, but emotional and financial ruin need not be part of the process.

Finally, clients sometimes lose their emotional balance during marital litigation. After all, such cases often involve not only rights, but also "wrongs." We make every effort to be supportive and sensitive to clients going through divorce or other Family Court litigation. Still, we expect clients to conduct themselves appropriately, especially when children’s rights are involved. Thus, if your case involves children, we expect you to behave as a responsible parent, regardless of the dispute with your spouse.

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