Individuals going through marital dissolution are going through one of the very hardest times of their lives. Our law firm’s mission statement is to provide you with competent, timely, and compassionately provided legal advice while you go through these trying times. Many important decisions will need to be made and we strive to be your team, working for you to obtain the very best results you can expect under the law.

You do not have to have a contentious divorce. If it is, it is. We are prepared to assist and advise you every step of the way.

You may have a very amicable divorce. If you do, we are prepared to assist and advise you every step of the way.

Some people may believe the agreement they have reached with their spouse is fair to both of the parties and should become the final court order. It is not wise to decide what is fair under the law without knowing the law. Our law firm is not here to make things harder for you and your spouse. Indeed, quite the opposite is true. We stand ready to serve you by advising as to the wisdom of what you would like to settle for. It is crucial in most cases for your emotional and financial wellbeing after the divorce for you to get legal advice BEFORE the case is over, not AFTER the case is over. Many aspects of marital dissolution are final once a Final Order is signed and filed. You don’t want to be a person who learns after it is too late that you should have had legal advice regarding the decisions of the divorce process.

If your marriage is in trouble, it is wise to obtain legal advice BEFORE you need it, rather than AFTER you need it. Many times the advice given by well-meaning co-workers, friends, and family is not accurate. There are many “old wives tales” concerning marriage and divorce….(See our “Top Ten List” on this website!)

The issue of whether a divorce may be granted will be discussed you and your Godfrey Law Firm lawyer. In the state of South Carolina, divorce may either be granted for Fault or No Fault grounds. Fault Grounds are: Adultery, Physical Abuse, Habitual Drunkenness (alcohol or drugs) which broke the marriage, and Desertion for a period of a year. A No Fault divorce in this state may be granted if the parties have continuously lived separately without cohabitation for a period in excess of one year.

Godfrey Law Firm will assist you in understanding the level of proof that is needed in order to establish the grounds for these types of divorce.

As a part of the divorce process, the issues the particular couple has will be also handled. Very rarely can a case be bifurcated such that issues are separated from the divorce itself. In other words, you cannot get the divorce and wait until later to resolve issues of the marriage such as custody of minor/unemancipated children; visitation; child support; marital asset and debt division, alimony, attorney’s fees, etc.

Godfrey Law Firm will determine where jurisdiction and venue are appropriate. A case must be heard in the correct Family Court as determined by South Carolina law. For example: If an in-state resident wishes to divorce a spouse who lives outside of the state of South Carolina, the instate resident must have lived within the state for a year.

Godfrey Law Firm can advise you as to how to serve the opposing party once we have met with you. Together, Godfrey Law Firm and you will proceed through the litigation with you being a very valuable member of the team. We depend on you valuable input as to the facts of the case and we provide the legal advice and answers!

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"During my 27 years of working in law enforcement I worked with a lot attorneys. The most professional, ethical and dependable by far was the Godfrey Law Firm. After working with them now both professionally and in my own private matter, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing a good lawyer." Tony H.
"When I was little, my Granny and Daddy went to Mary Alice for a car wreck. I've always remembered the name "Mary Alice Godfrey" and I do know this is a really good law firm here in the upstate of South Carolina." Tamara L.