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Godfrey Law Firm LLC has been serving residents of the Upstate from our office in Greenville, South Carolina since 1992. We are conveniently located near the Bon Secours Wellness Center (formerly the BiLo Center) in Downtown Greenville, South Carolina. Our firm is comprised of 1 attorney who provides our clients with experienced, diligent, and knowledgeable legal representation. Our attorney provide competent and caring legal counsel and representation in all types of family court cases and in serious personal injury cases.

If you want a Greenville divorce lawyer who listens to you and gets the best results possible for you you want Godfrey Law Firm. We are patient and open when discussing your case with you, explaining the law and your rights within the law. We help you make legal decisions that will most likely affect the rest of your life. We understand and appreciate the impact these decisions will have on your family and your life. We always strive to educate you as to your options under the law, what the process and costs will be, and how we believe you can best resolve your case.

If you want a dedicated and hard working lawyer with over 30 years of experience you want Godfrey Law Firm. We can be as assertive and forceful or as conciliatory as you wish us to be to protect your legal interests. Our mission statement is that we strive to provide our clients with the type of legal representation which they should expect: assertive, knowledgeable, competent and diligent.

Family Law Matters

Protect your rights! Retain Godfrey Law Firm LLC if you are involved in a family court matter and need representation concerning a family court matter in the Upstate of South Carolina. Greenville divorce attorney Mary Godfrey will advise you and zealously represent your position. We will fight for your rights in negotiations and in court! We carefully explain the process to you so that you can make informed decisions regarding litigation and/or settlement.

  • If you have hotly contested family court issues: We can and do fight for what you want.

  • If you are seeking to reach a knowledgeable agreement: We can advise you and assist you and the opposing party reach an agreement.

We can and do work your case in the manner you wish! It is your case, you decide after being advised by our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys.

Personal Injury Matters

Retain Godfrey Law Firm LLC if you have been seriously injured because of the negligence of another within the state of South Carolina. We will work for YOU…We do not back down but seek what you want that is available to you under the law!

Insurance adjusters are not looking out for you but are looking out for their employer, the insurance company! Protect your rights!

We never represent insurance companies or the “at fault” driver or litigant. We represent only folks like you who have been seriously injured and who have been damaged as the direct result of someone else’s unreasonable and negligent act. If you need an attorney to represent your position regarding a Personal injury Matter, please call 864-467-9196 to speak to an attorney immediately or to set up a time for a phone, hospital, home, or in office appointment that is free of charge. When we begin representation in this type of case we are not paid until you receive compensation.

Our Attorneys can Also Assist You by Drafting Deeds, Wills, Living Wills, and Powers of Attorney

Contact us today for a free consultation if you are intending to retain a Greenville divorce attorney for a family court matter in the near future.

If you are in need of family law/domestic legal advice without ongoing representation, your scheduled appointment will be charge at an hourly billable rate.

Client Reviews
"During my 27 years of working in law enforcement I worked with a lot attorneys. The most professional, ethical and dependable by far was the Godfrey Law Firm. After working with them now both professionally and in my own private matter, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing a good lawyer." Tony H.
"When I was little, my Granny and Daddy went to Mary Alice for a car wreck. I've always remembered the name "Mary Alice Godfrey" and I do know this is a really good law firm here in the upstate of South Carolina." Tamara L.
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